Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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It is good to be remembered - even if only because a guy killed you.

I think, win or lose, the CSM election experience has been interesting at least so far. There's a lot of mails; surveys, invites to debates, to live streams, EVE Radio shows, etcetera. Partly this is because you're just a candidate - but also, you get them because people know you and remember you, either via forum interaction or via encountering you in space and pwning/being pwned by you.

Today's interaction was with Bandit's whisper, who we had interacted with many moons ago and had claimed a rare Astero kill. I vaguely remembered them, and given we had 3 guys on most of the day we left them alone and stayed cloaked and skulky. Then, in checking a few wormhole connections late in the day when a fourth guy had signed in, I saw an Ares and Wolf orbiting a wormhole. Perfect fodder for the Planet Dollaz.

So I YOLO'ed in the Nereus, drawing them into a handy double-tappage, and uncloaked the Astero once the Manticore was hard-tackled and, so I thought, the gank Catalyst and Stratios were inbound.

It seems I gave some confusing orders, so there I was, with an Astero facing off against a Wolf, and Ares and a Manticore with a Nereus' drones on field. I made the best of a shit situation and tackled the Wolf, assuming the Manti was going nowhere (wrongly, he cleared off).

Wolf vs Astero wasn't good, so I heated the reps, webbed and scrammed, and kept my range. With one nanite paste left in the AAR I ducked back into range from 25km and got a scram as he entered hull.

Then of course, it was "Hi Trinket" in local and gf's were exchanged.

There's many an occasion when the Nereus get deployed and someone guffaws in Local "nope, Trinket." or someone from corp is spotted in a hauler somewhere and I get a convo "We aren't biting." even if it's Rens undock.

For someone like me with an almost elephantine memory, it's good to see that they guys I remember tangling with or being ganked by remember me. There are tens of thousands of people in wormhole space, and some personalities. I guess I cut a particular figure.

I will see about uploading our video of us being hotdropped by Spectre Fleet in a Procurer vs Procurer mining deathmatch.

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