Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bitch bitch bitch

I previously wagged my finger about the Interceptor warp speed changes. I shall now state, the BS and capital warp speeds are fucked up.

I'm not talking about BS's going 2.0 AU/s or Black Ops going 2.2 AU/s. That's fine. It's the acceleration into warp which is really getting me, and more specifically the deceleration out of warp.

Anyone who has flown a dread since Rubicon will know the feeling. Not only does it take a century to align, but when you get into warp you seem to hang there for 5-10 seconds on grid, getting in to warp. The same is true upon landing on grid.

This has relegated BS's to a further fuckedly state where you cannot tackle anything. Not even other BS's, let alone anything else, simply because by the time you are on grid, you have to wait 5 seconds to even begin to lock something.

It's like....enter grid, wait 5 seconds, begin locking with your stupidly slow lock time....oh, right, that BS which was at 0m/s is now in warp.

I get that ceptors should warp faster than BSs. I get it that this is a cooperative game. But honestly, this is all reducing the list of stuff you can actually PVP in and the scenarios you can actually get into PVP, by a significant factor.

Incidentally, it also ridiculously buffs hotdrops. When you hotdrop onto someone, you get no 5-10 second slide onto grid. You are just there, at zero, ready to lock.

I wouldn't worry about making Black Ops warp cloaked now. If they don't warp cloaaked, then you can only shoot something with a hotdrop.

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