Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nek Minnit

Timing, as always, is everything.

Two days in a row, i've logged in about 5 to 10 minutes too late. Yesterday it was a pair of Thanatos doing C4's. Our guys felt they were a bit light on DPS, so they were waiting for a friend to come down the batphone chain, and the Pilgrim lurking the caps in the anomaly got decloaked a few minutes too early, so...blueballs.

It happens. A lot.

Today, I was ten minutes too late to a fight on our static wherein we lost a Cerberus and a Tengu. The Tengu was an unlucky decloak, and got vaped. Then everything started going to shit, for both sides.

Our foes had jumped in a small gang, including some battleships, for the ganking. They were halfway through some smacktalk when they brought in a Noctis and collapsed themselves in the hole just as I signed on to comms and logged in.

I heard they were sitting where the old wormhole was, and having Local minimised, I was oblivious to a one-sided negotiation on behalf of the other guys to arrange a bookmark out. Having realised the other half of their fleet was stranded in their C2, I just hopped in the Nidhoggur (Mr Lucky Hull Tank 5%) and warped atop them, and spat out some fighters and started shooting the Scorpion.

[23:29:11] Ilaister > can we have it?
[23:29:28] Ilaister > we'll just scan it if not.
[23:29:52] Evan Roc > sure one sec I will drop a can
[23:29:56] Evan Roc > dont kill me ok
[23:29:58] Ilaister > ty man
[23:30:06] Ilaister > nah honour now.
[23:30:18] Ilaister > we got a massive hostile fleet next door now. :(
[23:31:37] Ilaister > your nid?
[23:32:15] Evan Roc > come on
[23:32:20] Evan Roc > we fought you
[23:32:21] Ilaister > ....?
[23:32:25] Kezei > lol
[23:32:26] Kezei > yeah.
[23:32:28] Ilaister > that's a fucking nid mate.
[23:32:51] Evan Roc > yeah
[23:32:56] Ilaister > we just agreed to get the hole from you
[23:32:56] Trinkets friend > I'm On A Fucking Boat
[23:33:01] Evan Roc > lol
[23:33:08] Ilaister > 0_o
Meanwhile, apparently, back in their hole, the other half of their fleet was having its donut punched by another fleet on the other side. They'd been lurking, and saw the connection get blown, and made their move. Not sure of any kills.

Back in our hole, the Task Force Proteus guys scattered from the Nid, and we chased the Vagabond to the sun. He was probably a little preoccupied on his alt in his home wormhole, because he warped back to the old position of the wormhole, and got scrammed. 

They found their way out the back door via nullsec, eventually. We snagged their Noctis as it left, though the guy was very adroit at ejecting the salvage from the Tengu and Cerb which we lost, and we fucked up the dictor tackle on his pod. 

So, I am sure that inadvertant dishonour Niddy is the least of the confusion around that series of unfortunate events. Maybe next time, I'll turn comms on  ten minutes before I normally do. 

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