Sunday, 3 November 2013


This is a tale of two themes.

First there is a corp of 4 Canadian roommates, who have a 19 toon wormhole corporation and made a boo-boo moving in to one of the few C2's with Y683/B274 static combinations which are not owned by the Russians.

As we all know (or should do) these holes are either owned by Russians or Germans. Russians love them because Russians, not being racist or nothing, have a hard-on for the Tengu (come on, Starbridge, deny this) and the Tengu is the pre-eminent pre-Rubicon chariot for smashing C4's and making bulk silly ISK in C2 space. Inevitably, because there's nothing else to do except smash back horseradish wodka and your womenfolk, Russians can get up at 0300 GMT and blow up 3 POS's with 30 battleships.

Germans, well, they are just efficient western Russians. I call them the Stealth Russians of w-space. You notice the Russians taking over because they do Blood Union and Starbridge style shit, and everyone gets onto the EVE-O forums and cries and wrings panties about them. You never suspect the Germans until, bam! they're up your Maginot line and crossing the Meuse and its all jackboots and discipline.

Anyway, our new peripheral mates in Canada took 3 POS losses in stride, and being recently evicted, we went on a lowsec roam with them to Derelik.

Yes, Derelik lowsec roams.

That's what shit has come to.

Some immature pirates later who, according to Local smack had "remapped F1 to 'dock'" because they ran from every fight, and then followed us around in a covops jumping ahead of us and screaming in local "dock up! bad men on the gate!" because, fuck our roam in particular...

Well, you can see why it's a forgettable shithole of nowhere, where I strongly suggest one goes in order to find empty lowsec static wormholes and assloads of exploration content which will make you buttloads of ISK. But don't undock anything scary, or you'll scare the local pirates away.

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