Friday, 22 November 2013

Hauler roam

I had organised a Haulergeddon Thunderdome the day of the Rubicon patch. Which was a bit of a mistake, as no one bothered logging in to EVE that evening two hours before downtime.

Therefore, we turned it from a Thunderdome into a hauler roam. Turnout was still light (exams eating people's time) but we got 5 haulers and a Scythe along.

our fleet consisted of a battle Tayra (passive tank: 400DPS), one Miasmos (ECM, drone DPS), one other Miasmos (blaster, smartbomb, twin MASB and ECM burst), a Wreathe ("fast" tackle 1000m/s web+scram), a "DPS" nereus and a Scythe. We went out looking for trouble when a Gnosis started camping the gate.

It didn't take long, we jumped from Stacmon into Osti, derped about faking PI to bait the Gnosis unsuccessfully, and went nextdoor to Loes, and on to Agoze. We saw a Caracal in a medium plex, so i parked a Miasmos out the front door, and warped to and from the Medium and a Small complex a few times. The guy bit, and warped back to the plex gate, whereupon I got point with the Wreathe. 

He eventually died.

We kept rolling down the road towards Tama, eventually washing up in Ouelletta outside a small which contained a Thrasher. The strategy was for everyone to just derp about at a celestial near the plexes and see what bit, whether the Thrasher would come out to play. He did not.

However, an Ishtar and Ishkur landed, and pointed up our bait Nereus. He went down just before the Scythe landed (he only mentioned being pointed when already dying) but by then I had the ishkur pointed with the Wreathe, and ECM drones on the Ishtar.

This wasn't quite as easy a fight as you may expect. The DPS from an ishtar is pretty fierce. I mean, the ishkur was fucked, no two ways about it, but it was some pretty hairy moments for the dual MASB Miasmos as a flight of Curators ripped through its shields and armour.

Then the Wreathe got picked on, put into armour before reps could land. The Ishkur went down and we swapped to the Curators, the Ishtar kiting at 40km. He came to burn back in towards us, and I hoofed it for him with the Wreathe, overheating the MWD. Sadly, a bug got in the way, with autorepeat turning off on the MWD mysteriously, and the Scythe out of rep range. I was in structure and only 11km from the Ishtar with a web on it and a scram.

The Ishtar got a lock on the Scythe, and put it into structure, but with no one pointed and fleeing my Wreathe as fast as his little legs could carry him, we elected to disengage.

We roamed up to Tama, and did a U-turn to Stacmon for downtime. All in all, some good fun was had by all, including our victims.

The Scythe + Blarpy roam thereafter was also a considerable success, with 600M ganked for the loss of a couple of Blarpies and some accusations from the Calmil resident retard, Damar, that we've been paid off by the Frogs to come shit in their weeties.

I can neither confirm nor deny it, but the fact we killed a lot of squids is just the facts.Maybe if calMil paid us better, we'd be more inclined to shoot frogs?

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