Friday, 9 October 2015

Upcoming changes to wormhole macro mining

oh, sorry, that was meant to say "it seems we are going to get a key bind for d-scan and not have to press the UI button".


  1. Trinkets, be a macro or a click, AFK miners in WH space will keep AFK-mining. At worst we will loose one or two targets.

    1. It will also shit on those who make coin hunting relic frigates.

  2. I would like minimized cloak delay or removal of ship appearance on dscan after moving and cloaking. Having binded key will change things drastically as you dont have to move mouse to click the small button and will be super easy to spam it. With ship scanner revealing new sigs already, will be very tough to come in unnoticed. The point of dscan - no pain no gain. Thats my opinion anyways.

  3. buzz clcik - umm, I think a droid just ate my homework!


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