Friday, 9 October 2015

Shameboat III

Sudden Buggery, and myself, very rarely use Falcons because in small gang combat they can be overly effective. Kinda like the Curse and Sentinel are threatening to be - overpowering EWAR which neutralises a foe and makes them sit there helplessly, dying.

Yeah, I know, very e-honour of us. Do we get a gold star?

Well, several weeks ago I caved in to my pecadillo for oddball fits that work in very specific situations and I tried to up-honour the Falcon by making it into a solo hunter. I made use of the fact the thing actually gets a hybrid bonus, packed on a buffer and a couple of ECM's. Not enough to be gay, you realise, but enough to provide some edge and utilise the other hull bonus. I was hoping that I hadn't over-niched the fit and it would actually be able to kill something mano-a-mano, like real gentlemen do.

So I've been dicking about in the mean time, trying to find something to kill. Too many Gila, too many Ishtar, too many Orthrus, too many pissy Imicus.

Then I saw a guy in a Drake running C2's, badly. He was an old toon, and a carebear, so I was thinking it was time to deploy the Shameboat III.

I was lining up to MWD bump him off a wormhole when he warped to a moon (like smart people do) so I followed him there, decloaked, got point and started chewing away. Now, ordinarily the 225 DPS of the Falcon would be nowhere near enough to bust peak recharge, so I had a gank boat lined up with TF, but by the time i was ready to warp in I saw actual progress on cracking it. Then he was at 30%, and suddenly it looked like I could pull off a solo kill.

This was obviously assisted by a complete lack of purger rigs or SPR's in his fit.

So, I have done my part to up-honour the Falcon. Mano-a-mano, if you can find a Drake that is fit badly for running C2's, you can solo him and bring great honour to space clan.

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