Thursday, 1 October 2015


A week ago one of my guys, because the corp has shrunk and people are doing things other than playing EVE (as we all know), was doing missions in hisec. Apparently, unbeknownst to him, doing missions in Osmon requires the permission, explicit or otherwise, of various war-dec space champions. Lacking said explicit or implicit permission, we copped a wardec.

It has all wardecs. Utterly pointless.

Except that we have infiltrated a wormhole where one of their guys, using an alt corp tower (or friendly corp, who knows), goes to fly his extremely flash ships around with retarded shitfits. We have been camping him for a while, but haven't been close enough to strike while Capt Boernl has been ratting. Connections and all that.

Anyway, we found our way in last night a few hours before downtime and we were waiting for him to do something stupid, staring at the POS where his Ishtar, Drake, Megathron and a PI hauling Iteron were all floating. Suddenly, without much warning, all the ships got flung out of the POS.

Thankfully we were able to dock our ships and fly pods in to steal them. What we got was quite the haul - an Ishtar with B-type repper, two B-type EANM's, faction DDA, faction Omni and a 50MN C-type MWD, T2 CCC's. Total value 1.26B ISK. Then there was the Megathron with T2 rigs, 5 mag Stabs, a nominal 500M.

With all the looting and the fact we were observed stealing the guy's ships, he holed up in his friend's POS and ignored our conversational overtures in Local.

We remain convinced that we will find a way to get the holes to line up for a shot at these idiots. So it's back to lurking and doing the sums on eviction. I wonder if anyone told his CEO and Alliance XO that he's effectively dunked 2B for us on this war?

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