Monday, 5 October 2015

Missile Disruptors

news just in: Rockets, HAMs and Torpedoes are dead. Or at least on death row.

Fozzie is at it again, teabagging the fuck out of everything. The ONLY sensible thing I have read in favor of Missile Disruptors is that it allows someone to rock-paper-scissors an enemy which overuses a doctrine like Cerbs, or allows you to hard counter an Orthrus.

But consider an Orthrus with a midslot slopping about; fit a MD in the spare mid and you can effectively assfuck anything with RLML's or HAMs, and be effectively immune to anything with HMLs. Forget Cruise and Torpedoes, and Rockets are a joke.

Truly, Fozzie is going to completely dunk missile boats which will reinforce the terrible trajectory of the meta towards Rattlers, Gilas, Orthrus and Ishtars.


  1. Maybe a re-balance for Mordu´s ships is in order?

  2. I swear they only introduced mordu's ships to give them an excuse to nerf missiles xD


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