Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Best Of Us

I'd like to put a shout out to Best Of Us.

Anyone who's been playing this game for a while will have heard of Vile Rat. His death is still in a way, being played out in the current politics with this ridiculous benghazi conspiracy theory.

But what a lot of people will also know, but maybe not process, is that there's a hell of a lot of ex-military guys (and a few gals) and veterans playing EVE Online. In fact, a huge number of people who play EVE Online are vets. I've got a couple in the alliance, including one guy who's on disability support (I won't go into details) in a serious way.

What players don't know, but I've known for a few years now, is that the corporate-military structure of EVE's PVP corps and alliances is essentially a simulation of the military camaraderie which develops in any unit. Vets who stumble into EVE Online seem to  seek this out, as a means of replacing what they've lost upon leaving the military, or are very familiar with it and get right into the structured, rigorous discipline which is required to fit in with active PVP corps. Some guys want to escape that, and prefer casual play, and enjoy the community. 

But one thing that's apparent is that veterans, whether suffering PTSD or some other medical problems from the war, or indeed not, often need someone to talk to and some goal to reorient their lives. So I'm glad to see Best Of Us starting up, and would encourage you all to give it some support.

If you need a place to chat, you can also drop past BUGRY's channels any time. NSFW links are a risk!


  1. Thanks for this post man it's super awesome of you ! Thank you for being part of such a accepting and awesome community!

  2. I stay away from stuff like this as I have the (probably incorrect) notion that it is full of walter mitties but reading it has changed my mind a little. Might join the channel and see what it is about.


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