Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Discipline, harsh Or otherwise

We have a simple rule in corporation, a mantra of management newsspeak which is the single simplest basic rule to not making us all look terrible and wasting your ISK (and hence time/money) dying needlessly to ganks:

In Chain
In Fleet
In Comms

It's really that simple. I am running a corporation of people who work together, fly together, die together. Some are good, some are bad, some are manic probing addicts, some POS spin until there's something to kill, some die easily and others (like me) find out their corpsicles retail for 200M-500M ISK a pop, depending on who knows its on the market and who wants it.

The mantra is there for a reason. if you don't get on comms, you can't hear about, viz. the 20 Russians nextdoor who may come through and kill you. If you aren't in fleet, no one can warp to you to bail you out (not that we would, if you were ratting brainlessly). if you are in the chain, ie in wormholes, you need to be on comms and in fleet because it's a PVP environment.

So when one of our new bros has a really bad habit of signing in, warping to the C2 static and instantly beginning to rat the radar and mag sites other people have spent time probing out, and does this without even bothering to check if it is a) safe, b) not going to fuck up some PVP stalking c) is kosher to start ratting other people's work, and then d) gets pissy when we type in the corp chat for him to get on comms....

Management decisions were made, and he was instantly ejected from corp. I hate to say it, but the time to blubber on comms is when you're told that you shouldn't jump into the wormhole, not when your Gila is entering hull and your CEO is the guy killing you.

You may find it harsh, but only until you consider that we are also dealing with purposefully obtuse and belligerent alliance mates who just seem to want to lose stupidly pimped ships. I mean, killboards are a sometimes terrible way of measuring your e-peen versus everyone else, but what flying 1.75B ISK Raven Navy Issues with RHML's around says is you can't even figure out how to play the game properly. For a third the cost you can do three times the efficiency using a Rattlesnake. It's that fucking simple.

Then for these guys to be cohabiting and not being in comms and in a fleet is also getting to be too much. I would rather AWOX a 1.7B Raven Navy Issue versus have retardation occurring in my wormhole chain from self-absorbed carebears. This isn't a hand-holding factory and no one in Sudden Buggery is here to hold hands and enable carebears.

So, readership, you're quite welcome to gank Prolapse. bears wherever and whenever you find them.

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