Sunday, 22 March 2015

Traitorous Corbexx

There was much ado made about Corbexx going to goons at Fanfest.

Partly, the wormhole community feels a bit ripped off, feeling that they voted and campaigned and collectivised to vote in Corbexx for a second term to go in to bat for them in the CSM and represent them on the CSM. An understandable position, and a defection to the goons by Corbexx could rightly be seen as a betrayal of democratic trust placed in him.

However, let's be honest. The trajectory of EVE has switched to fixing sov null and fixing structures for the next 12-24 months, or however long it will take for Fozzie to "Ishtar" sov and structures and leave them in a functional, but broken, state. You know, like faction warfare.

Another fact about Corbexx, and one I criticised during my aborted campaign, is that he doesn't do anything on the CSm he knows nothing about. So, given the above, it is clear that Corbexx is not only maturing as a EVE politician (in that he does anything to get elected - harsh burn on you voters!) it is only sensible that if youare completely ignorant about sov null, and have to deal with sov null, and representing wormholers on the CSM for 12 more months is going to be a sinecure (if it's not changing, what are you agitating about?), the logical solution is to go to nullsec, learn about sov, and get down to business. The best way is to join goons. Or NC Dot. or Pandemic Legion.

So, my advice is a) trust Corbexx to not sell you out b) trust him to use his brains as he gains experience in sov null c) give him shit for choosing goons.

There's not much more to be said about the CSM except who the fuck voted for Chance Ravinne? It's going to be like watching a kitten run into a combine harvester. Cute, but messy.

I've got my stashes of popcorn.

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