Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sensei Ping

If you haven't seen The Middleman, you are missing out, big time. Download it now. Do it. Then you will understand about Sensei Ping.

Sensei Ping is the Angel of bookmarks. When trying to kill a (functionally) unprobeable boosting T3, one way of doing it if he is in-line between two celestials is to drop bookmarks. As you warp back and forth, you drop BM's on either side of him and reduce your d-scan range as you warp back and forth between each ping.

Sure, it starts out at +/- 1 AU, but after a whie, you get down to the ten million klicks, then maybe land something a million off. Then you're under half a million and closer, closer.

Finally you see him flash on the overview at 2500km. Half a dozen bookmarks later (CTRL-B for the shortcut) you land on grid.


Pity we forgot a dictor, he probably almost certainly 100% definitely would have had some sweet implants.

Either way, remote win-button was smashed. PVP is over for the week. Sads.

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