Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Golem Summoning

It wasn't the most amazeballs battle ever seen in wormholes.

The death of this Golem was amusing because I had been lurking this guy for 6 hours, and he had been sitting in his POS in a Drake for the whole time. the Y683 had gone EOL, and most of our chain out the X877 was falling apart or going EOL so I decided to go for a quick sniff, and warped to the POS. The Drake had velocity, and was coming to a stop - he'd obviously just warped back to POS. Had he seen me on d-scan, jumping hole?

Five minutes later, the guy warps his Drake back to the sole combat site, at zero. i rally the troops, who had all been sitting AFK in the POS doing dick all as everyone seems to do these days, and they soon formed up. I told them to bring whatever, it's only a Drake.

The guy lands in site, then immediately warps back to POS. WTF. So I follow him back and see him approaching his SMA.

"He's approaching his SMA to get into his Golem." I said.

"Bullshit. That never happens."

Out comes the Golem.

"Oh, oh! Well you can eat a bag of humble dicks, my friends, because he just undocked his Golem and...yes...he's warping to site. Jump jump jump, warp to my Astero at zero, I'm going for tackle."


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