Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The evacuation commences

There has been a lot of discussion on the EVE-O forums in the Wormhole section about the impact of Fozzie's changes upon wormholes. I previously stated my position on these. People i have talked to are mostly against at least the frigate wormholes, fairly much annoyed but dealing with the mass-jump spawn distance changes, and ambivalent about the rest.

However, there is currently a huge churn in residents in w-space. This is just what I know of, as fact.

Empyre Encorporated moved out. They lost a couple of haulers who were about to scoop their Gallente large and Caldari large. But those towers are now in the possession of Sudden Buggery. Their co-inhabitants, T2 Cruiser Club, lost a bunch of loot pinata. All in all, evidence of people quitting w-space.

Sudden Buggery and Swift Angels Alliance moved out of our previous hole (called Acid Fairy Land) because it was a C2 Cataclysmic, and cats got raped in the changes. Needlessly I will point out. We mooved in to a C4 with N766/X877 to pursue better PVP.

Free Trade monopoly moved out of a C5 Cat. This was due to the changes, and also helped along by a corp thief and account hack (more details later). The corp seems disbanded, and either gone to k-space or merged into other entities.

Acquisition of Empire and Orphans of Eve moved recently, too. They now inhabit a C2 with Y683, up from O477. This was for more pew pew, and better ratting with Marauders. They aren't finding much ratting, due to hypothetical issues (unconfirmed by CCP) with site spawning mechanisms. They have their hole rolling method down, it's slow, annoying them, and increases the grid factor of w-space a lot.

Rolled Out is out. They are off in NPC Null abusing the Ishtar, which apparently got nerfed. I mean, drone traacking is lower, but at 90km with Bouncers its unnoticeable. Go figure.

Blood Union, I believe though haven't heard confirmed, is getting out. Their business model took a severe hit with the API nerf, and now the capital jump range nerf is too annoying for them. Take a look at their stats on zkillboard. They averaged 300 billion a month in ganks in 2013. The last two months they've only claimed 98 and 23 billion.

This will probably flow through to a similar decision from Quantum Explosion.  Being best budskis in w-space, their activities and killboard track similarly, and QUEX is showing signs of a severe drop-off in activity and success in the past 2 months.

I know Lazerhawks is grumbling, I've heard a few members saying they are leaving. There's been a rather abrupt reversal in numbers this month according to Dotlan's tracking of the corporation. It's no coincidence this tracks with the Hyperion changes. It's hard to tell if activity is down, so we will have to see, but the majority of their activity is lowsec now. Make of that what you will.

The point of this? Fozzie wants graphs, data, numbers. The verdict is coming in, and wormhole veterans are talking with their feet.


  1. We do a monthly purge. Any downslopes on Dotlan is from these purges. Hyperion has not affected us at all. - Hidden

  2. Monthly purges are what women do. :P

    I guess you are in the position of not only having to do it, but having the numbers to do it. It's a bit different for smaller corps, because even if you use the Rule Of Threes (ie; everyone has 2 alts in corp), often two thirds of a corp is AFK. So a 30 member corp like BUGRY often has only 10 meatbods, most of which are nt playing this week or the next.

    But i guess my question becomes, do you think that a large purge this month is related to those people going AFK because of Hyperion?


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