Monday, 29 September 2014

The Ammo Run

From time to time a woman plays EVE with us. She is quite casual about it, and has been gone from the game for a good 12 months, but she came back recently and her weird high-pitched voice without its manly baritone has been ululating into our ears over TS3. She is resident in highsec mostly, and not a massive PVPer.

Nevertheless, and despite having wasted a large amount of SP's on science, marketing and corporate management, I still cannot fly a Procurer and Winter can. So I got her to fly to jita, fit up a bait Procurer, and she came through a 6 deep chain to proceed with the baiting of a pair of alts running a crappy medium industrial tower in a C2 with C2/LS.

I'd been watching them for about 30-45 minutes, and noted they had just finished a mining op of their own and had finished running their compression array. One guy was in a Bestower, the other guy was dicking about his chain in an Astero. There was a Q003 gayhole out to Flame Bridge rental space where 3 Vindis'and a Rattler were punching Hubs, and I did consider that we might go out with a bunch of Enyo's for a crack at one of them, but since you can't bring any decent logistical options in frigate hulls, I thought "Fuck you Fozzie." and gave that up. Thus the plan for the day's pew pew fell back to bait Procurers.

We had another noob who had said he could do bait procurer, but wasn't very communicative, so what I assumed was a commitment to come out with it turned out to be a vague suggestion and he was in fact running gas to Jita for sale when Winter went into an ore belt.

Ordinarily, solo Procurer equals bait. Two procurers might be bait. 3-10 Procurers is not bait. Therefore, I instructed our female victim to be to pull out all the stops. Aside from not renaming her Procurer, she spat out a jet can and renamed it for the time she launched it. Got right into the mining.

Sure enough, the guy in the Astero warped off to her belt, then came back to POS, hopped in a Sabre and bubbled her up. The plan was to let the Procurer kill the Sabre, let him reship into something bigger when he got angreh, and then drop the Stratios, Proteus and my own Astero on them.

The Sabre, however, managed to pop all the Procurer's drones, due to Winter not being experienced enough to yank them in. However, his first bubble dissipated and wasn't replaced. The guy in the bestower then hopped in an Orca, waited a few seconds, then hopped in the bestower again and warped to the ore belt.


It was about this time that Winter reported her shields at 30%, which was our cue to drop on top of the Sabre. So I decloaked my Astero, pointed the bestower and killed them both.

This was when we discovered the Bestower had 47 warp disruption probes and 5000 Barrage in its cargo. Clearly our mate in the Sabre had only had one bubble and one clip of ammo in his ship when he went in to shoost the Procurer and was getting an ammo delivery.

It takes all sorts I guess.

Shoulda brought a Hoarder.

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