Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Operation Tin Roof

As explained in Jewish Bullshit Ninja previously, account hacks are a real threat in w-space. I made that blog post as a preamble to this one.

This all started as a typical lurking exercise out the O477 from our old residence. We saw a Raven on scan and deployed some bait procurers to see if he wanted to bite; he logged. But I saw a Geddon and an Iteron on scan momentarily, and swiftly tracked it down to a new signature, and saw an Astero jump out the U210.

I brought my Nereus over and jumped out the U210 and saw the Geddon. I of course immediately tackled it, and soon we had all piled through and ganked it. We then went into the new wormhole, which turned out to be a C5 Cat. We saw a few dreads on scan, at a safe it seemed, with 3 haulers.

I set Architeuthis Rex to combat probe them down and instrutcted him to point the haulers when he landed, and to cycle his points around them all to stop them warping. Instead he pointed a Naglfar, allowing the haulers to escape, and then the Nag exploded just as I landed ready to point it. It turned out the nag had been self-destructing, and indeed was sitting next to a second nag wreck.

Something odd was up. So we struck up a conversation with the nag pilot. He said he was in the process of looting the POS, and wished to secure safe passage for the last few haulers worth of stuff.  He also had a Nidhoggur to sell, and we could take all the ships he couldn't fly, and all the rest of the shit in the POS. he even offered to get one of our toons into that corp and give it roles, allowing us to unanchor and make offf with the POSs themselves, and all the gear, including an XLSMA, various advanced assembly arrays, etc. His price, 1.5B ISK.

We agreed to the deal, and Kal Toralen flipped into their corp and made a relatively hamfisted go of looting the POSs, as he wasn't familiar with corp and POS management crap and didn't understand what he needed to do to get everything looted swiftly.

I hopped in the Nid, scooped a hold full of T2 haulers, T2 frigates, fit up a probe and cloak and 6 stabs, filled the fuel bay with isotopes, warped out of the POS, and logged off; I would get the Nid out the next day via nullsec and an easy one jump to Vehan, to sell it for 1.1 billion. I sold the haulers for a further 450M, plus 640M in dread guns and capital modules looted from the wrecks.

Various other things got looted; about 800M in gases, isotopes, polymers. We unanchored an entire medium tower and all its guns (about 350M) and stole ten neut batteries off the main tower. Due to Kal Toralen's hamfistery we could have in fact looted a hell of a lot more in guns, but he turned to POS off and had to re-online it and didn't know how to strip the ammmo from the guns before trying to unanchor them. Likewise, the assembly arrays and XLSMA didn't get looted.

A few days passed and then the CEO of that corporation contacted me, and accused me of hacking one of his corp members accounts. I discussed it with him, and indeed, it appeared that the people involved in the heist (Securitas Protector, etc) had illegally accessed an account in his crporation. From what I understand, it was again either a roommate's account who had quit EVE, or a sibling of someone in the corporation. Either way, Adarnof petitioned it.

It seems CCP has learned from the mistakes of the Jewish Bullshit Ninja episode; my Nid didn't get yoinked, everyone in BUGRY and SWIFT who got their gear kept it, the culprit(s) got banned, and Adarnof got magic ISk in stead of CCP trying to trace down every single damn item which got nicked.

So that's how I temporarily owned a hacked Nidhoggur for a few days.

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