Thursday, 24 October 2013

Worst Carebear Nominee

I have been pretty busy with work, so this exculpatory exposee is a bit overdue.

As you may be aware, gassing is kind of a staple standby activity for wormholers. When you are essentially alone, or the chain is dead, or your signature load is just getting on top of you, then getting rid of some sigs by sucking gas is something you can do. You also make some ISK; usually not a lot but you can make a little.

Mining isn't really a smart thing these days, what with ore sites being warpable off the system overlay. However, if you keep on top of new signatures and have a spotter on the static (or just leave it closed and un-warped) then you can, more or less, mine in safety.

The ISK/hr yield of mining is pretty low compared to quad escalating C5 sites. However, it doesn't need preparation, teamwwork, combat boosters, etcetera. You can just warp a Covetor to a ore site and suck ABC's or HGD's and Bob is your Wormhole God, you at least make something. Also good for people who cannot fly or afford capitals.

This is all known to me, via experience at telling everyone else how to do it, and theorycrafting. However, when it comes to actually making ISK and not dying horribly? Nope.

Last week I burned 2 Covetors and 3 Ventures in 2 days on TF and alts, via exploding gas clouds, warping alts to POSs and fucking the passwords (blap), and via dying in PVP. Total cost: 160M ISK in blown up spacepixels (ships, modules and implants). Yield: About 98M.

Fuck this. Carebearing is too hard. I'll stick to blowing up miners and gassers (yield last week: 70M in loots).

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