Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ratting during PVP

Today I bought a house midway through collapsing a K162 to nullsec. It was Perrigen Falls, and there was an Incursion so it was no ratting, no going through gates, cyno jammed, fucked six ways to sunday.

So, i rolled it and it got replaced by Bob the Wormhole God instantly with a k162 to Brothers of Tangra space. I hopped out in a Vigil to go have a look-see. 2 oracles, Nightmare, procurer on scan and a shitload of anoms.

I warped to station and saw an Oracle and the Mare dock up. Began hunting the second oracle and it, too, docked. But not really very fast. That left the procurer somewhere at planet 8. So I warp belt 1 (natch) and nothing. Still on D-scan, so I track him to belt 3. i warp and land within 6km and he's doing 54m/s.

I am faced with a choice: Vigil vs Procurer with 5 Hobgoblins, or warp off like I was just kidding, and hope he hits the belt again after his 15 minute cooldown from panty-twisting panic.

After YOLOing an Execquror Navy into a C5 Data site vs 2 Tengus (and cloaked prot, Rapier, Falcon) and escaping alive, I figured it was worth a shot. Besides, i'd instapointed his arse upon landing, so Alea icta est.

Thus began a 15 minute exercise in 54 DPS versus a Procurer, the owner of which was very annoyed at his buds for not helping. He had a point - the spawn of BS and 3 frigate rats which came to the belt and shot me did more than he did. I made a bit of ISK killing the rats, midway through his hull.

His whingeing in Local is displayed below;

EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
Artem Radionow > 8 - 1 помогите
Artem Radionow > на белте 8 - 1
Artem Radionow > помогите
Nova Ernaga > )
Artem Radionow > <url=showinfo:3766>Vigil*</url> поймал выносит
Artem Radionow > пожалуйста
Artem Radionow > Помогите!!! пжлст
Artem Radionow > ау люди!!!
Artem Radionow > 8 - 1 белт
Artem Radionow > пацаны ну х шип же помогите
Nova Ernaga > умри тихо
Artem Radionow > HELLP 8 - 1
Artem Radionow > да б.. у него х шип прилетите вынесите пжлст
Artem Radionow > все что накопал отдам
Trinkets friend > gf
Artem Radionow > спасибо за помощь!!!

I am sure that Google Translate is unneccessary to interpret that all. But I did pull out his mate's response in Local:
Nova Ernaga > Die quietly

With friends like those, who needs enemies?


  1. May be a bigger story earlier today involving that pilot you dont know about... or cuz /russians

  2. True. Maybe his gulag boss didn't like the way he scrubbed the latrines.


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