Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Goat Sects in the Goat Track

Days stuck in the goat track: 2.
Personal best: 7

Today's efforts involved probing a K162 to C4, no help there. The X877 to C4, which had a C6 exit. Again. Then a K162 to C5, which had no other exits, but whose gassing operation I interrupted.

Spawned all the sites, and moved on. Because fuck that C5 in particular.

Meanwhile in K-space...

I found my way into some dead-end lowsec system and saw a Tayra on scan, eponymously named for its owner. He waved in Local, so I waved back, hoping to get him at the POCO. Then he told me his tale of woe, about how he warped his Tayra full of 236M of POS crap to the wrong moon and someone else's POS vaped his ship. Now he couldn't find it, and only had a Tayra, and would get blapped, so sobbing ensued.

I wonder how much dropped?

So I found the wreck with my collapsing alt, and the POS popped him. I guess I should PLEX up and drop dual character training into him and actually train some rudimentary navigation skills. Nah.

So i came back with TF in a Prowler, and yoinked 223M in fuel, labs and ammo assembly arrays. Expenses was 11.75M in 100MN Omen, leaving 212.25M in profit.


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