Friday, 18 October 2013

Tickbox - I'll take shitloads

The general shape and size (so to speak) of the Mobile Siphon Units for Rubicon has been released.

I shall be purchasing....buttloads. I would also expect that other people would also be buying buttloads.

They tick all the boxes for making nullsecan interesting place for raiders and itinerant scab pickers.

Easily deployed with a Covert Ops frigate? Tickybox.
No anchoring time (or indeed, any need to right click aand select anchor)? Tickybox.
Tough enough to deter casual attacks? Tickybox.
POS guns don't automatically cleanse the POS? Tickybox.
One hour cycle time? Tickybox.
Automatically does its job if it is in range? Tickybox.
Multiple units can be deployed? Tickybox.
Wastes a good portion of the shit it's stealing? Waitwhat.

This has some interesting ramifications if it is deployed as I would expect it to be deployed - in huge quantities and in vast areas. 20% of the moon goo production could, theoretically, evaporate. The rest, depending on whether you set up enough Siphons, could be stolen. or at least gacked from the POS and left floating in openly accessible tubs around POSs.

The features I like the most are, well, all of them. But especially the one hour cycle rate, which means when we get a nullsec connection we can drop a shitload of these around a moon goo POS (or if they exist already, just steal from them) and make bank before the hole disappears inside of 16-24 hours.

This, my friends, is why the K346 will become popular again.

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