Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What's in a name?

Sudden Buggery got name petitioned (aka 'support ticketed' these days) when we deprived someone of a shiny ship and the only way he could respond was to game the name. We spent 6 weeks in discussions with devs and game masters as EVECorporation158356234. It didn't stop EVECorporation158356234 functioning as a coherent unit and depriving even more people of shiny ships. The conclusion of the discussions was that Sudden buggery retained its name and proud history.

I got another of my corporations ticketed today. This time, I don't think I will be 'discussing' the name with anyone, and will take my sugar lumps and move on from Minmatar-Amarr Man-Boy Love Association (MABLA).

It was a wild ride with 42 kills and 4 losses and 97.3% ISK efficiency. RIP offensive corporation name!

On to the next off-piste corp name.


  1. Whats happening with Buggery now? It would be a shame if it disappeared?

  2. It's basically Izrid at the moment. He's CEO, I've got an alt in there (thankfully on TF's account, as Misk's is now banned and CCP isn't answering its emails). Izrid is shlepping about still, piratical like, but can't play much.

    Right now i'm pretty busy trying to buy a house and working 2 on 2 off (and managing a business on the side), so running a corp is the last thing I want to do.

    We'll see what happens with Misk's account. If they don't un-ban me for MAMBLA, and don't respond to their emails, I won't be bothering with the game. I'll take a month ban on the chin (naughty me) and lose MAMBLA and have to trash the shell corp etc, thats fine. But a permaban on a first offence is gay. Not like i know what's going on, their email was contradictory, confusing and shittily worded.


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