Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Marauders = Eunuchs

So, the latest update on the marauder rebalance shows the power of whiny incursion bears to sway CCP's balance team (team flip-flop).

I agree the idea of 4500++ DPS solo active tanks for marauders in bastion mode was, well, probably a bit stupid. That came about from the egregious 30% non stacking-penalised resist bonus given out with the Bastion module (ie; a free DCU). 

Instead of 30% free DCU, now their active tanks have been ripped out, castrati style, leaving them with wimpy active tanks unless you have a Bastion module. With the bastion module, you'll get a 100% rep bonus for your Eunuch Marauder. So, given most single LAAR/LAR fits tank about 580 DPS cold you'll now have close to 1200. This is faction BS level tank, no more, no less.

Suddenly, your PVP options have narrowed. Sure, no hella tank undock game ruination (unless you go stupid pimp) but also no realistic MJD tactics. You can't solo tank enough with 1200 DPS active tanks to make it worth flitting out to 100km and sniping.

The T2 resists help most for incursions, where it's a buff to RR. This does move against the tide of resists being nerfed, which is odd. However the only real RR PVE is incursions, and most incursion bears deploy Vindicators for uber DPS and 90% webs, and occasionally a Kronos when someone actually knows what it is. The Kronos in bastion mode was going to break the RR gang milieux of Incursion armour BS. Now they get to just not fit the Bastion module and get better T2 resists, so they can fit less tank, more gank, better damage projection and voila, the ultimate Incursion ship will be born.

That's what EVE needs, is a way for Incursion bears to eke another 5M per hour out of Incursions.

The cost of this is a smashed crab of a PVP concept now. I admit, it was a little OTT before, but they could honestly have fiddled down the Bastion module's resist bonus or just scrapped it and kept the local tank bonus, aiming to put it in the 2-3K active tank field all in (links, implants, ship). Webs were going to be fitted anyway in PVP (you need to knacker scramming frigs) and it was always going to be a small-med gang ship.

I'm not sure about the marauders anymore. There was a while there where finally we seemed on the path to a T2 battleship which didn't have problems at doing its job. I am preparing myself for Black ops ships to blow goats when they get touched.

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