Tuesday, 17 September 2013


It is becoming apparent that one reason I find EVE so enthralling to play, and demanding to play, and exhausting is that i pay attention, constantly, to lots of things. Some of the things are what is being said by others on my comms; my problem is assuming everyone else has even a tenth the capacity to multitask and parse information.

Example, after last night's abortive ISK making adventure, we wanted to run the same site again and quad escalate it again before it de-spawns. This got interrupted by a hole collapse failure, resulting in a Leeroy Jenkins run from Darkspawn territory through Curse in a Geddon (now stranded), which morphed into a retardedly complicated shopping adventure, not only for ship bits but for implants.

I stayed on comms and opened up Pyfa and worked through theorycrafting Rail Tengu (meh, better but not prizes below 2.5B), Rail Proteus variant of my alt's current 128K EHP 150 DPS blaster Proteus which looks good, and recreting a HAM-AC shield Loki with 800 DPS and 88K EHP for 420M ISK. Which looks like I will do it, because fuck it, people expect half the DPS, shit's gong to get wild.

So I'm suffering through inane debates, people blathering and blathering about whatever the fuck, people not able to understand what a CCC is or what a Memory Cell is - the typical shit where you ask people to go shopping for you while you're halfway out of deep shit in Nullsec and want to save time.

I do this theorycrafting while pumping D-scan and keeping tabs on where everyone is, what ship names and types I see are known and familiar, etc. We already had a venture come mine - blithely - in our hole already without anyone noticing it, and me only twigging that it wasn't ours because the name wasn't 100% right. 90% right, coincidentally, not 100%.

So when I, bizarrely, see 8 sisters combats shitting up my overview, and call it, I would expect people who are otherwise engaged on market alts and minutes away from getting their dicks deep into shithole in cap escalations, to just trust me when I say "combat probes in the C5" and to know what that means.

It does not mean "I probed down an instance of combats in a C5". It does not mean "this is happening in a random C5 down the chain" (we don't have one). It means, this is a piece of vital information you all need to act upon immediately - including people browsing the rig catalogue in Amarr and not parsing CCC = capacitor control circuits.

Having to repeat myself two times, to clear up it is in our C5, it was a set of Sister's Combat Probes, yes I definitely saw them even though 3 seconds later you do not, is where fatalities occur.

I am not sure if it is just because we're all so old and jaded and full of ourselves, or people are distracted or we are accustomed to having the sole static being a C2 which we often totally dominate and control from the instant we get it.

Whatever it is, when I was last with people who dismissed fleeting glimpses of probes, who did not report oddly-named ships with names which were 90% similar to a corp ship (or even 100% similar but the owner was offline, hence, a false flag), who debated even for a second whether the intel was false - they lost the farm. When it's 8 Drakes in a C3, its laughable. 4 caps in a C5 is not.

I'm sure I pissed people off when I said "There are questions, and then there are retarded questions. This was a retarded question." but the fact remains, a C5 spawned into us, our escalations were cancelled and the shoppers in hisec had a choice - scuttle home or risk being trapped outside the bunker while a gunfight's going on inside. Asking whether the smoke grenade tossed in the door is going to blow up? That's retarded.

Surely my elocution isn't to blame?

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  1. Would have never happened in Bugry..:)

    btw smoke grenades dont blow up - they just fizz a lot.


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