Monday, 16 September 2013

Your hourly rate is...fuck all

There's a lot of talk made about the mountains of ISK to be made by escalating C5 wormholes. Well, I can tell you that it's in many cases a load of hogswash.

Jack Miton (who multiboxes these) has posted the recipe online. Now, I won't say he's misleading anyone with the methods he has posted on the Eve-O forums, but certainly he's missed a few key ingredients:
  1. Everyone must actually have the ships, the skills, the fits, the capabilities that they advertised. If you need two web Loki's, you better have them. If your carrier doesn't have rigs...well, we won't even go there.
  2. Everyone needs to know what everyone's roles are. It's pretty disheartening to hear "does your Loki have target painters?" half an hour into the first escalation wave. If you aren't sure, then why did you drop your carrier into the site?
  3. Be aware that the guys in the second dread and the second carrier are having their time wasted too; if you can't get this right after two weeks of fuckassing about on the test server then it's probably worth fuckassing about for 2 more weeks to get it right. 
  4. Don't change your plan. If you were set to double escalate, don't drop a BS in "to deal with the frigs". If you do this, make sure it can actually deal with the frigs.
  5. Budget for closing holes. If you are going to plan to do sites and you've got 4 wormholes to close, then you clearly need to nut up and close them and not be afraid of potential nasties.If you are going to close them, then you need to be efficient.
Clearly the ISK yield and ISK/hour varies greatly, depending on player competence, player acuity (don't be stoned, please), and the materiel availability. The key points?

It takes money to make money. If you can't afford the T2 rigs for your Archon, at least put the T1 on there. Nothing shits me more than the "T2 or go home" crap. Especially if it's a 55 day train for, eg, a T2 triage module. people were doing C5's with T1 rigs and T1 triage for years, what is with this attitude nowadays?

Be prepared to be unprepared. If you've scheduled a ratting sit-in and there's too many holes, with too many potential hostiles, then just give up on it and go run Incursions. They need no teamwork, no preparation, no risk.

I hope we get better because we aren't going to make any real mountains of ISK on the real server this way, just lose lots of fighters and waste 2 hours closing up the wormholes and debating amongst ourselves what ought to have been sorted out on the test server already.

Secondly, this has really revealed that the nerfs to links have made Loki webs a little less awesome. it might be enough to actually render web Lokis inefficient for nubs. So maybe we need an armour Rapier or two web Lokis.

It has also revealed that the Nidhoggur is, as advertised, sub-par as the primary carrier. This isn't due to the capacitor (you can fix that, even with T1 triage and T1 rigs), the tank, or the remote reps. It's merely the shit energy transfer range.

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