Monday, 30 September 2013

Recommended Reading: Fragmonkeys

I will put a shout-out to a mate's blog: Fragmonkeys.

Johnny Twelvebore, if you look at his employment history, is a former minion of mine, a BUGRY alumnus and generally an all-round nice guy if you don't happen to meet him in Top Belt.

When he came to us in BUGRY, he was painfully new to the game. He had no experience with wormholes, no experience with PVP, and was almost baffled by the idea of griefing, though he would catch on pretty quick. He wanted to learn, and we wanted malleable young flesh to form into bait - after all, you see Trinkets friend derping about at Top belt, you might look him up and reconsider. A week old nub? Om nom nom.

Within a couple of days of joining up, we had sorted him out a training regime: "Covops frigate, assault frigate, battlecruiser for sites, oh, and train remote repair systems level 3 while you're at it, we do this thing caled "RR AF's" and it is fucking awesome."

A couple of days later one of our spais was in Greywolves Alliance. We had seen them in Asesamy jetcan mining and had got a fight or two by nicking their cans, going flashy (as one did, at the time) and trying to bait fights with neutral RR. They were slow learners, but eventually they learned who we were, who of us was active in their timezone, and who was just too painfully annoying for them to PVP.

So, we send in Johnny, in a Punisher. You can see his fit here. He lifts from their can, bold brass. "So what do i do now, boys?"

"You wait. They'll send some drake out to shoot at you."

Somehow, our spai alt points him, and begins aggro. He also reports to the Greywolves guys that he's pointed (which he is not, as Johnny didn't fit a point...for the last time ever, I think) and needs help. 

Sure enough, out comes a Drake. We jump in our RR AF gang and warp to Johnny, who is swiftly tackled and under heavy fire from the Drake. We leech aggro off him, as one does when RRing, but the Greywolves had learned their mistakes of the past. They didn't spread aggro.

However, even considering the T1 ANP, no rigs, 200mm plate, the repper and T1 guns, with five RR AFs (3 Vengeance, 1 Ishkur, and a Harpy) repping him, he begins wearing down the Drake, who can't bust him. So they bring in an Onyx, a Scorpion and a Harpy of their own. After about 4 more minutes, Johnny goes down, taking 40K damage in the process.

"Guys....I'm shaking from the adrenaline." was all he said.

"Welcome to EVE." someone said.

Thus began the career of Johnny Twelvebore. You can read his own exploits in his own words on his own blog.

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