Sunday, 2 December 2012


Much ado is made about blobbing in faction warfare - pages of Amarr tears flowing on the forum about how blobby Minmatar is. Well, it depends on the time of day - some timezones the Minmatar blob wins, other times the Amarr blob wins.

23.5/7, however, RTSAvalanche is rolling pimped pirate cruisers around Dal, Auga, wherever, with a head full of hideously expensive implants, with two fully tricked-out T3 off grid boosting alts (Legion/Loki or Tengu/Loki). The lameness of engaging a dude who points you with a Republic Fleet warp disruptor at 40km, shuts your MWD off, and blaps you with a rail Vigilant...well, it gets tired pretty fast.

So let me tell a tale of a Gila.

RTS was faffing about a Major in Vard in his Gila. We were a blob - I admit - of 25 odd dudes, half of which were out of position, half of which piled up on the Vard gate. RTS had his alt Gumi Vocaloid in our local, he surely knew we were blobby. It was a 4 AU warp to the acceleration gate, then we had to warp in. We sent in Torrent in his SFI to get tackle, on the off chance we'd actually get to fight the guy, but no one expected the tackle to hold.

RTS was 140km off the warp-in, but Torrent burns up anyway, and maybe RTS was afk or spanking it to porn, who knows. If you've been on 23.5/7 you eventually make a mistake. Torrent gets long point tackle, and we bumrush in. I'm in an SFI and a Scythe Fleet. I get into the plex and RTS is 140km away going 3.5km/s.

We get our own Loki boosts up, and I put EVE's biggest frigate into action, overheating the MWD and burning in faster than anything except the firetails. One overheated scram later, and I've latched on, pulling the Gila up short. I covered 235km at close to 5km/s in that chase.

RTS's mistake was he panicked or got confused as to what the problem facing him was - he put his small neuts onto the Scythe Fleet, and changed drones 3 times, attacking the long-point firetails versus the guy with the scram who was pinning him down for the slower flabbers to catch up and DPS him. He even deployed Ogres, and I thought my Scythe was done for; a large ASB would let me tackle only for a minute, if at all, against that DPS.

But in the end, 2 T3's and a shitload of pimp, and a notorious soloer went down. He put 100M bounty on the Falcon pilot for "faggotry"even though he died, honestly, from a Scythe Fleet with a burned out MWD. So yeah, we blob. But honestly, you can't tackle RTSAvalanche without a blob, because of his implants, T3 boosters and pimp. All props to him for rolling the bling, but crying when you lose it? Pimpslapped.


  1. RTS cries like a baby whenever anyone does anything other than leeroy at him in ships that haven't got a chance.

    1. He actually came out in a dual-LSE neutron Thorax - twice - without boosts on the field, and no pimp. He got run down and murdered by a Cynabal and one frig. And I can't exactly recall what killed him the other time.

      My point being, without the boosts and pimp, he is a good PVPer who knows his shit. But he is not a god. And he dies to stuff that is not a blob.

  2. Fascinating how the idiots manage to convince themselves it is something to beat 1 player with more than 10.


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