Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ignominy defeated

Reputation in EVE sticks with you like shit to a nappy (diaper for my American readers).

I recently recruited (by which I mean, accepted the application of) a renowned corp Awoxer into the ranks of Sudden Buggery. Involved as we are in Faction Warfare, and having followed his career and indulged in Awoxing myself (on alts) from time to time, and having held a few discussions on EVE-O forums about various things with the guy, I am fairly confident that a career in highsec griefing doesn't preclude you from PVPing in lowsec, or from Factional Warfare.

However, it is hard to forget losing your Kronos to an Awoxer, and thus my dude got Awoxed by a militia member who was in a corp he had done the dirty on about 12 months ago; there was a little diplomatic fracas over this as the incident occurred during a bunker bash, during a SRS BSNS fleet situation, and during a time BUGRY had deployed a couple billion in black ops ships on field. Hardly the time you want to see a militia member going rogue on one of your guys.

In the end, the advantage is with us. Not only does this prove to our guy that his Awoxing has delivered fat dividends of tears - not just a Kronos killmail - but if the former victims and now supposed militia-mates can't put it all behind them - as you should, because being Awoxed is entirely the victim's fault at being shit at recruitment - and continue to Awox my guy, then their corp and alliance will suffer the most.

Indeed, if Khanh'rhh was join join militia I would be tempted to Awox him, but would be loath to do it; after all, revenge is pointless in EVE, and it is destructive in FW. It also shows you got butthurt over imaginary internet spaceships. It also, perversely, only serves to cement the Awoxer's reputation and notoriety. Which, in the end, is what the practise is about.

So. Congrats to Commander Ted, for he struck a rich vein of tears. 


  1. I am, curiously, going to write some pseudo-intellectual BS about this subject, as the lack of, ahem, Retribution, is both surprising and curious.

    Sure, I had plenty of 'tears' (everything from impotent threats and insults, to begging for stuff back for either sentimental value(?) or because they lost everything) - but no-one has yet come close to making my Eve-life any worse for the experience.

    I have plenty of theories as to why, which I will elaborate on, but your personal reasons of "not giving them attention" don't commonly bear weight, given they're usually very happy to cry about it (and to others about it, lol@dreamer warning my alts about me) but never to *do* anything about it.

    Anyhow, WH culture sucks donkey balls, so I ended up giving you guys a backhanded favour.

  2. You played the long game, and did OK out of it. You could have done better. I only wonder what you are doing with those mountains of ISK; it doesn't cost much to do what you did, so you don't actually need ISK to buy up some alts, burn them, and keep stealing and backstabbing. You also don't PVP, so you can't be spending your ISK that way.

    Which leads me to the conclusion you didn't sign on for months because you boxed yourself into a corner gameplay wise, and took a break because you'd come to the endgame of corp theft, with nowhere to go. Which was, essentially, shooting yourself in the foot.

    Where to now? Your options are being closed off with the crimewatch changes (no more lol-RR), bounties, nullsec powerbloc consolidation (soon you'd have to actually be Mittens or michaelbolton to steal anything), and upcoming POS changes which will likely prevent wholesale POS theft. If you are playing the game to be a thieving bastard and gain notoriety with Golden Lobsters, etc, you will be repeating smaller and smaller heists against ever more noobish people.

    And yes, it is of course *entirely* down to your actions that we are out of low-end WH's and enjoying more PVP. So, given that, why would anyone hold a grudge? Clearly a Nietzchian take on corp theft, AWOXing and betrayal is that it's only for the better.

  3. Most of the ISK I had, got spent before I re-joined BUGRY last year, buying up a couple of clean high-SP characters - I've not long since recovered that, especially considering I am plexing 4 accounts off my savings. Khanh, tho still my chosen namesake, won't be played a whole lot till he's a cap/sc alt. You at least know (or could know) one of my new chars, as I used him when I was in corp; he was a 'friend.'

    I played the heist long enough; there'd have been a negative effort:reward coefficient if I'd gone on longer, since assets in the WH were largely static on an ISK-basis per person - not to mention at a certain point, one just wants to pull the trigger. I also had the ~problem~ of getting very rich leading up to it, making the gain less meaningful than the fucking-over.
    That, and someone would have eventually worked out that I was deliberately keeping a block of hours in the day free to pull it off (by getting rid of people who were there). Hilariously, despite my planning, Trinkets logged on during the act(1) and could have stopped me if he'd had two firing brain cells. v0v

    I was signed in pretty solidly for about a month after the fact, then went on holiday, then started playing other games.
    My corp raiding days are not over - the buff to mining ships has made suicide ganking senseless, so in turn AWOXing is the only reliable way to get miner tears. Nearly 1bil in bounties across all characters from a miner's income is a lot of mad. They are somewhat effective(2), but still ultimately act as an index of notoriety, though perhaps reliably so this time.

    In a sense, I do the above because there's not a lot better to do in Eve. I'm still richer than I have outlets to spend it on. I do/have done PVP (I'm on about 1000killmails, kills and losses, across all accounts) but the skill floor in PVP is so low that it's just not fun gameplay to dedicate oneself to, narrative always being better than actual action.
    Large fleet battles are fun if you can accept the narrative of the situation, but all too often the game lacks immersion and you realise you're hitting about 3 buttons to make it happen. Your average Eve-O sperg will "lol F1 warrior" and claim solo/small gang PVP is high skill, but ultimately they're mechanically very similar and they're deluding themselves into thinking there's anything intrinsically complex in Eve's combat, once you have a high base knowledge of ships, modules and fits.

    So, where to now?

    Firstly I hate the WH fightclub-clique that exists in higher end WHs, so I have a plan in motion to strike a blow to that. A clean 50mil SP alt+friends is currently schmoozing. Details scarce because secrets.

    Above that, well, I guess I'm treading water waiting for the game to give people something meaningful to do in the scope of the sandbox.

    "So, given that, why would anyone hold a grudge?"
    I can see you don't, so won't, but plenty of people do, and don't. The latter is where I made my point.

    (1) Gotta get them PI mats then logout, amirite
    (2) Anything other than a 'vanity' amount on a character makes some people suspicious; though you can still talk around a 400mil bounty and a page full of green-on-green kills on BC. I don't know how, but it works, in some cases against the largest entities.

    n.b RR changes haven't had an impact. The way we used them doesn't give you a suspect flag, and when they do, you simply make sure it's not an issue. It takes 15 days to train T1 logi alts, which are more than enough for where they're used. In the 2 or 3 times our suspect logi has been engaged the persons who did died; since they're usually idiots and don't realise what they just opened themselves to.
    On balance Retribution has done precisely nothing to help people actually acquire it's namesake.


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