Thursday, 1 December 2016

Never Not Jump An EOL Hole

I don't understand why people don't jump EOL wormholes. I mean, there's 4 hours of EOL on a hole, who's to say it will collapse on you immediately?

And when it happens, it's not all bad. Take today for example.

I found my first wormhole in my home system, a C3 which was EOL. Jump through, ping a C008, Q003, a V301 and a K162 to C4. Jumped out to nullsec via the Q003 and immediately one of the locals warps an Onyx to it and bubbles up. So I organise a batphone of suicidal T3D's...jump Miskoranda through...and the hole promptly spits the rest of the gang back out to K-space.

"Fare thee well, TF"

So, Onyx docks up, and I probe my new lowsec - 24 to home.

Igo to the C008. It leads to a Y790, so i save that for later. The V301 is an N110 hole to Maurasi. I spot a Crucifier Navy jump in, followed by a heron, Raptor, Claw. They all go back to the C3 I was in. The heron starts a relic site, and the rest disapear into the C008 never to ne heard from again.

So I kill the Heron and (empty) pod him. I scoop the corpse.

I then go swap my Svipul for a bomber. Whilst probing through the Y790, I idly send my bomber to nullsec, and spot a Procurer in the ice belt. I proceed to solo him with the AB-fit bomber, after bombing his drones off. I (empty) pod him, and the Onyx lands, bubbling up as I cloak up and GTFO. I return for the corpse and the loot, which is surprisingly juicy with meta-level Frigoris Ice Harvester Upgrades worth a swanky 30M. Straight back to Maurasi, sell in Jita, bank made.

I then find my way back to the Y790, out to Dousivitte. I probe my way back toward Aralgrund, and get as far as Hek. Here, a C1 with 2 Kestrels and a Thrasher on the outside. They jump in, I follow.

I bomb them on the hole, failing to gank them. Instead of jumping out, they panic warp to an ore site. One of the locals warps to the hole in a Heretic and bubbles up, and begins anchoring a medium warp disruptor.

So I chase the Thrasher and 2 Kestrels around in my AB-fit bomber, killing the Thrasher and (empty) pod. I catch the 2 kestrels on a POCO, and engage. They get me to half shield before I force them off field (with no TP's, either, so application is shite). Once gets caught in the Heretic's medium dissy, so I kill him and (empty) pod him. The Heretic doesn't decloak.

That's 4 kills and 4 pods I wouldn't hav got if I hadn't got trapped in w-space.

This is what balls to the walls means - engaging a dessy and 2 frigs in an AB-fit bomber. and soloing a Procurer.

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  1. Curious- So how long does it take to solo a Procurer with a Nemesis? Pretty impressive regardless. Also very unimpressive that a Procurer in NS wouldnt have 2 flights of Hobbys to defend itself. Lol.


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