Sunday, 27 November 2016

Young people these days

When I stumbled into lowsec and got instantly killed because I didn't even realise that people could attack you, I didn't even know there was a Local within which to rage and bitch. I did, however, rage quit for a day. That was one fucking expensive kestrel, yo. About 3 million ISKs I had no idea how to replace. I then even went further, vowing to hunt the guy down and avenge my kestrel upon him.

If only I had known about Local, I could have made a gigantic pillock of myself instantly, carrying on like a pork chop and calling people douches in Local.


Nao Chitogi Toyama > Douche
Manure Skord > plenty of high sec systems to mine in
Nao Chitogi Toyama > Plenty of real people to kill to, scrub Skord.
Manure Skord > bring the people in please
Nao Chitogi Toyama > To scared to go fight real people lol. Have to kill new people trying to complete missions. So sad a life you lead.
Manure Skord > you dont do missions in a belt
Nao Chitogi Toyama > Mining mission, You do.
Manure Skord > what do you need to mine?
Manure Skord > all mining missions i have done have sent me to a beacon
Manure Skord > good luck doing missions....
Nao Chitogi Toyama > Good luck being a douche.
Manure Skord > dont need luck
Nao Chitogi Toyama > No you don't, you are a big douce regardless.
Manure Skord > mmhmm
Hedo Johnson > well salted noobs today

That's the salt factor at 3 days for this guy. Imagine him at 1 week!

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  1. Love your Blog pls keep it up. I am finding the new breed of Allhas ESPECIALLY SALTY. wtf! Hope u dont mind sharing this little gem i recieved after giving an *extremely* warm welcome to WH space to this guy including giving him twice the ISK his ahip was worth. Fkin kids! Final note. I am supremely confident i am 15 years older than this guy;

    Subject: Re: O/ friend
    From: Kajin Kashuken
    To: Susannah Dean Hakaari
    Date: 2016.11.21 01:13
    Eat shit kid I literally have nothing and I'm on my own. Real challange for you POS.

    O/ friend
    From: Susannah Dean Hakaari
    Sent: 2016.11.21 08:02
    To: Kajin Kashuken,

    From our WH interaction last night, I bequeth you 8mm ISKies for your loss;

    Kill: Kajin Kashuken (Venture)

    (Check your wallet).

    Come back to WH space anytime. And... always orbit your gas clouds at 500m, makes you harder to catch. And forget about the warp core stabs... they dont work against people like me, or which there are a lot in WH space. :)

    Fly safe-ish.


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