Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Insurance Fraud

All content takes to create is a week's worth of finding absolutely nothing in wormholes, then finding a way out to Solar Fleet renter space, and someone's Thanatos coming off its third insurance contract. Oh, and a bottle of cheap but good shiraz. Mostly the latter, because then TF is all "Fuck it, you now what we should do, we should go tackle a ratting carrier and drop your carrier on it, we'll own them."

So it came to pass, kind of.

We got out to perrigen / Spire botlands and found evidence of a ratting HAW moros (because, you know, what else?) and in the midst of people stumbling about wondering if it was at POS or not, the inevitable "defense fleet" assembled.

So we dropped on that - a Sabre, a cyno Stiletto (died instantly), a thorax (we started it as a suicide T1 cruiser roam), and a Vagabond plus the aferementioned suicide thanny.

So we pwned our way through the enemy fleet. THe kill order was probably a bit wrong, because the Thanny killed the Rapier, then Dominix, then Phobos, Ishtar, onyx, cerbs, etc.

With hindsight, it should have been Rapier, HICs, then trash because there was perhaps 10 seconds there when the Thanny could have cynoed out or warped out before his cap got neuted down too far and points went on. Missed opportunity.

Then it was all Nyxes and hels and the ratting Moros landing on field...and the crafty bugger in the Vagabond doing what Vagabond DNA knows best - kiting off at the end and GTFOing.

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