Friday, 23 December 2016

Been there, done that

One of my ex-employees* now lives in a C4. He has now become the alternative man with the plan for his corporation, and we caught up recently. The kvetching was pretty much a timely reminder to me why I am not running and should not run a wormhole corp again.

  • No one ever does anything. They just sit around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for someone else to do something for them.
  • It's impossible to get them into anything because they don't train into the ships they need to train into or the fits they need to train into, instead concentrating on training up useless shit which won't help them do the content they can't currently do
  • No one appreciates the effort that goes in to running the corp
  • People who bring a completely useless ship to a bearing fleet somehow still expect an equal share. Like, one guy brings 2/3rds of the fleet and is expected to get 1/6th of the ISK?
  • With nothing to do and no one making them do it, they get bored and unsub or move out.
Seem familiar? 

Me, I'm just recruiting Incursion neckbeards who just talk about the 1.3B they made today. One day, they'll wake up to find a 100% tax rate and all my problems will be gone.

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