Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The Dankmaster5000 is ready to sail by end November with the new mining fighter drones to make the dankest ISK in the quietest nullsec, lowsec and wormhole systems accessible via whatever dumbass S199, N944 or N432 I can find!


  1. man i got to train up rorqual skills asap!
    TF do you think it can take on drifter bosses?

    1. Picture this, for I have an image for you which will BLOW YOUR FUCKIN MIND!

      Four Rorquals warp in to a C5 site, with like, fucking 10 Procurers for bakckup. One of the Rorquals hits his PANIC button and every motherfucker is fucking INVINCIBLE for 10 minutes or whatever.

      Sleepers die, because you've got fuckass heaps of DPS, and you can cycle your Rorq PANICs if you get delayed >10 mins because your motherfuckers suck at killing sleepers.

      And then if any motherfucker interrupts, slingshot a capital 1000km off your fucking fleet, what is still INVINCIBLE and your enemies all DIAF screaming from razor cuts filled with wasabi on their nuts.


  2. TF thats just art!
    When can we vote you for Csm?

  3. Willow Windwalker2 November 2016 at 13:48

    'Working as intended.' - CCP


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