Saturday, 13 August 2016

Wormhole Town Hall - The village idiot's view

So, as usual, timezones made me miss it, but I caught a whiff of the politics and the problems being discussed.

One view is that numbers in wormholes are down (by one metric, capital kills in Anoikis are at a 12 month low) because of the changes to capital escalations. The view of one gentleman (names withheld) was that without the lure of dank escal ISK, and with the advent of Drifter escalations , his corporation was suffering a bleeding of care bear members who are now doing anoms in nullsec with carriers and Ishtars/VNI's.

I think his idea for growing a wormhole corporation relates entirely to providing your corporation members with such an unlimited pipeline of ISK that this overabundance of money and the need to take an infinitesimally small risk to get it (he quoted "being dropped by Blood Union after sealing the statics" which is like saying AIDS after condom) will entice people to playing the game the way you, the content creator, wants to play it, which is to find pew pew all the time and make money off pew pew that way.

I've been there, done that.

The problem with this line of thinking is, well, no offence to carebears because we all need ISK to fund extravagant or not so extravagant PVP or ship collection fetishes, but the problem is that in order to make a corporation which can field any number of members you are relying on living in the space with the most exploitable ISK faucet.

For a while, it was Incursions, and so people "ran Incursion alts" and got 150M ticks and flew dank Macha fleets about hisec. Then they nerfed Incursions slightly, and it came back to C5 space, and people piled their bears in there and faked being valuable corp members just to grind ISK. But hero dreading was a thing, too, and no one needs a corp for that, so C5 numbers started declning, and the HK and Lazerhawks model of farmsteading and C5 crofting took off, which allowed the solo bear to farm comfortably with hero dreads outside the structure of Quaserknocks and make dank ISK.

Maybe not quite as dank as some hoped, but lets e honest, for a limited number of C5's, this model has served the top tier C5 monoliths well, rentals or not aside; control the space, monopolise the dankest ISK faucets, and let the PVP sort itself out via a handful of yuge entities attracting the genuine PVPers to the genuine PVP content.

The nerf to capital escalations, realistically, is a major nerf to the Quaserknocks crofting model, not so much the second tier C5 corp which attracts the farmers when the going is good. The farmers and bears are probably leaving for nullsec because, being honest here, they are just gigantic fat spergy retards you don't acctually want in your corp, do absolutely nothing for your corp, and are better off elsewhere.

Maybe you nerds can't all hero dread anymore.but from what I've seen and heard, even numbnuts and second rate PVPers no one rates as "elite" (say Sacred Empire of Elysium, Jaded.) roll 4-5 man RR snake fleets around and are pulling in 650-750M ISK an hour for the gang. If that's 1-3 people, it's good ISK. hey are just doing it in the static (ohnoes!) and farming more sites externally than they have internally, and maybe they lose the odd snake to a hostile escalating Thanatos or something. this is still decent ISK, wormhole style. It's enough to keep you ticking along, and you can base out of a C2 with E545/N060 and get nullsec pew pew.

The bears? The worthless buttplugs shoved up the arse of wormhole corps to make their rosters look great? Let them sperge off to wheeze demands at nullsec renter slumlords and complain about space AIDS not bookmarking nomenclature. So what if the fucking cunts farm in carriers - more carriers to kill in nullsec!

And the crofting model? Well, not entirely dead, but it has its challenges. It's also, honestly, just as valid to chuck those farming alts into nullsec and croft in the company of idiots with carriers. If thats the dankest fucking ISK, then that's the dankest ISK.

Sperging in the Town Hall about it makes you look like the village idiot, a whiny Rain Man type fool, pining for days of yore. Days of yore are gone, you need to restructure your corp, your farming, your farmers expectations of unlimited ISk rains and bumper crops 23.75/7, and move the fuck on.

Oh, and less caps are dying in wormholes because less people are finding ways to YOLO them in to each other, not because there's less farmers to kill. And the lack of content we can sheet home exlusively to Citadels.


  1. Is it really disabled? ;)

  2. It's interesting how someone so irrelevant and shit can sperg so hard without understanding that without ample incentive the reason for w-space dwelling diminishes. The amount of PVP you run into isn't as high as say k-space.

    Having bears isn't bad, but for some reason you're hellbent on being a cancerous little pest.

    1. Show me on your mom where you assfucked yourself you shit dribbling mongoloid hamster rapist


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