Sunday, 7 August 2016

Disconnections, Collapsed Connections

YOLO is all about finding two tengus in a C4 on the other side of a crit hole and saying "Fuck it, we're going in."

Thus it came to pass we took in upon a lone Tengu what was scooping his tractor, and used the time honored Critted Hole Gank Fleet
1 x Machariel of fatness
1 x Scimitar of Reppage
1 x Huginn of Webbishness
1 x Stratios called Jigglypuf's Vagina, for tackle
1 x Ashimmu +Infinity vs active tanked Tengus "Vorpal Capacitrix"

Add all the above to Tengu, and watch him die. Well, slowly.

We were betting his mate(s) might come back but it is claimed that his other clients disconnected. This may or may not be true, Bob's will is ineffable and effing stupid sometimes, but either way the Loot Fairy said "Here is 2 B-type invuls, have a great party". We got the corpse, too.

Personally, I doubt any tale of disconnection, because everyone else who disconnects doesn't swap targets nor lose pods that sit there long enough to be locked by a cruiser, but who am I to say? I also wouldn't have brought a second 1.7B ISk Tengu back to join the first, that just being a recipe for el disastro.

The entry hole still being up, we flew home and managed to get the Scimitar and the Huginn (with loot) out of the hole. The rest of us, being my two toons and the Macha, had to go out via the X877 (which rolled behind us), to another C4, to a C3 with hisec.

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