Monday, 15 August 2016

The inevitable Betrayal

We don't know why Care For Kids is anchoring a swathe of Astrahus citadels around Heimatar, but they are. We are not entirely happy about this, because they didn't ask, and if they dont get consent it's rape, and we are against rape culture. Or something.

Either way, midway through a short bash of an Astrahus in Bundindus, some randoms rolled in via a wormhole. Rather than, as we would have done, attempting to drop atop the oracles and mebbe gank one, they convoed our guy and asked if they could join.

Of course. Anything to make the interminable grind go faster. Except, it didn't help, of course; the DPS cap means a Citadel siege always takes at least half an hour.

At 10% hull, the inevitable happened.

I mean, it's fairly much inevitable that if you join a bunch of -10 guys, you're going to get betrayed once your utility is over. It's like bathing with sharks, or voting - it never ends well.

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  1. Whats your views on the new mining barge and upcoming rorqual and offgrid boosting changes :))


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