Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bad Reconnaisance

This last week has been a bad week for Miskoranda and recons.

I think the reason I've lost so many is that they are one of the few ships one can fly around highsec whilst decced by Marmites. I have also been trying to move my shit out of Shenda, having abandoned deepest dullest Aridia for Heimatar lowsec.

I've moved in to the Aralgrund area with the Maggots coalition (which isn't officially a coalition). The war dec has reduced the abilities to move shit around easily, and all my wormhole chains from lowsec to hisec have been into regions I generally have few assets. So my access to ships aside from recons has been minimal, hence the torrid week so far.

However, slowly I'm accumulating crap, and hopefully this weekend we'll go about the place in kitey crap destroying Provibloc idiots and scrublords again.

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