Saturday, 14 May 2016

Citadel and the rise of the Slowtars

As they say in France: "plus ca change, plus ca inbound nerf."

I'm talking about capitals.

You know what's hilarious, but broken? Carriers.

What we are doing is, we've anchored an Astrahaus 3500km off a hisec gat in a lowsec system. We warp our carriers (3000 DPS gank Thannies, mostly) down to gate and vomit out a billion fighters. We then warp the carriers up to the Astrahaus.

The fighters have 1200 scan res, and if the instalock HIC or Ceptor/Griffin combo doesn't point the poor fucker, the fighters do. Then they hand out instablappage. If anyone even manages to hotdrop us...well, you can tank away and dock up.

It's everything that was wrong with EVE, rolled into one spot. Docking games faggotry with capitals. Skynetting. DPS carriers with ultra dumb tracking. Plus the added soupcon of POS gun style defences and structure RR for added insanity.

I mean, not broken. No.

Then there's the high-angle guns. Well, I shall admit there was a bit of a chance we all had misplaced angst that high-angle guns were going to turn out shit. It was misplaced. We all admit that now. But can confirm, tracking titans are back and blapping away happily. Happily for the titans not the victims, though.

So...when everyone stops gasping in shock about the cost of capital modules, and we start seeing people throwing their big ships around again in large numbers, we shall see the real whingeing beginning.

That's my prediction.

Also, 8.7M EHP Chimmy. Watch out.


  1. The docking games issue you described should not play out like that in a citadel. You should not be able to dock if you are pointed. Just pointing this out.

    1. Plus the fact that caps can't dock in a medium to begin with. Makes me think that the medium is just able to give them the time they need to dock in an npc station in system and he just did not convey that in his post.


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