Monday, 18 April 2016

Read the patch notes

You have to occasionally remind yourself some people play this game itinerantly and don't keep up to date with every little patch, tweak, nerf and new vessel. Some people just play the game to collect toys and explore.

Such a person came and anchored a depot 2km off the B274 connection into Shenda yesterday, refitting his Tengu from exploration to combat so he could go run a sleeper radar site and make dank ISK. He was sitting 2.6km off the hole.

I of course leapt through in a Pontifex and he scooped his depot and cloaked up as I burned for him. Then suddenly we were 90km away from the hole, he was uncloaked, and he dieded

As I was munching on his tasty, tasty hull hitpoints he said 

Utolana Yoga> Well fuck, I apparently drifted further off the hole than I thought.

No, buddy, it's called a Command Destroyer. 

These have been a huge force multiplier for small gangs fighting logi-heavy cowardblobs....or at least bad cowardblobs who anchor up their logistics and fall prey to CD's. 

They have also, apparently, done to death the AFK boosting alt of elitepro "Solo" PVP mega gods of lowsec, who used to leave their boosters hugging stations or gates. A few days of CD's kidnapping boosting T3's and command ships, and that's all come to an end. Now they swon upon their couches at having to put them at a safespot and fall prey, occasionally, to Virtue clone probers. Oh, the humanity.

There's also a good line of Ala Kachuu going on with boosters orbiting POSs in wormholes. Especially if it's an undefended POS or you can drop 3 CD's on the guy and get serial MJD's 300km off the POS.

People are also, for quad escalators, just abducting the webbing Loki away from the triage carrier, which can be an effective way of pissing in the pot if you aren't solo dread running. Can be expensive, but with a few T3D's to DPS the Loki down and GTFO, it's a cost effective way of threatening a bunch of capitals. 

Overpowered? It all depends. For ambush uses, maybe. There's not much you can do if you get caught by surprise. For larger fleets which run anti-tackle, and know to prime CD's, not really. And for logi wings who don't cluster up, the effectiveness of the CD's is low. 

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  1. As someone who almost lost a fleet of Nestors to a command destroyer, I think they are hilarious as fuck.


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