Sunday, 13 March 2016

The marina rules are changing

You go away in the bush for two weeks and suddenly it's Epicurius Ataraxia all up in your shit, arging that either it's pointless to nerf yachts, or they are fine as they are, or....what the fuck i don't even. Read for yourself, comment, add your voice to the crowd.

It seems that the line has been drawn by, drum roll, yet another aspie fuckburger with too many alt accounts (+/- ISBoxer, it don't matter by now) playing a game of spaceburgers attention deficit disorder against a larger collection of basement dweebs by using lets say 4 Yachting toons and a prober (they say 8, but who knows?) to instaroll TDSIN's statics, trapping them out one by one and forcing the rest to cower in POS or get back in at inopportune times while Aspie McFuckbat is asleep (next step, Maxdel will come back and do the same, except every Russian will be sharing toons like a Chechyen prostitute child-bride of Islam or whatever the fuck).

So, apparently, this might be a bit much for the gentlemanly cabal of wormholes, and the Powers That Ought To Be have yanked Goonbex's chain and demanded something be done to fix the exploitative and broken state of the hole rolling meta, viz. the fucking Yachts.

I doubt that CCP has the stomach for the Omega Option, which is of course, to remove the Yacht and replace it with a giant floating space turd that makes everyone else's fucking HUD get smeared with stinky brown skidmarks. I mean, no one who's been on the end of a horde of rolling yachts (do you call it a Lacoste? a Ralph Lauren? what's the collective noun?) would notice the difference between a shit-smeared game experience and the rolling meta right now. But CCP won't do that.

So we are left with nerfing them. The only way to really nerf them is to either remove nullification from the hull, rendering them a bauble (like most other EVE gifts), or crunch the power grid so they can't fit a 100MN. Everything else is just a grab bag of dickass.

Seriously, when the Chinese lost that competition, their wormhole community didn't know the benefit they got. Well played you commie motherfuckers, well played. We got Yachts, you got North Korea.


  1. Wow can you whine anymore? Basically you want a ship banned because you dont like it. You're one kind if special fucking snowflake eh? Deal with it you entitiled prick.

    1. Did I say nerf them? Yes. Remove them? No.

      I couldn't care less if the Yacht gets removed or has its balls cut off and shoved up its arse, but putting a poorly designed exploitable ship into the game is CCP's forte, and its well past time that CCP does something about Yachts.

      I'll keep using fagroller T3's, unless the neckbeard retards like yourself get all Higgs = no nullification and everyone loses out.

      I'm glad i seem to have offended you, anon.

    2. Anonymous clearly has little concept of content creation and even less of being brave enough to own his words.

    3. On the matter of fagrollers, wasn't you of opinion along the lines of "it's shit, but gotta roll with what we have" about them?

    4. I find fagrollers frustrating when used to close yourself off from content, but there's a fair point of difference between fagrollers and yachts.

      For a start, one costs about 600M ISK. Plus you need to have a Cruiser 5 skill, and more or less dedicate a PVP/PVE hull to rolling (opportunity cost). Plus, if you die, you lose SP's.

      Yachts....well, every fucker got one for free. They take almost no time to get into (so alts can use them). They are (currently) cheap, and you don't even need a single nav skill to get into one.

      So, yeah, being on the end of a fagroller operation can be frustrating, but at least you know that you're being played by someone's main, in a ship they give a shit about losing, and they have a 600M chunk of crap clogging up their SMA 99% of the time.

  2. I've always admired your ability to offend pretty much everyone in the space of one sentence.

  3. You suck your dad's d with that mouth?


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