Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Clogs and Ploughs

NoobMan wrote a thing to CCP. 

He makes a bunch of points which are quite apposite. Firstly, income levels are maybe high seeming, but if you are supposed to be experiencing peak level hoo-hah (see a 180B ISk eviction on Sunday, for example) and dread-heavy fisticuffs going forward, yu need to maintain the ISK income to some degree for players going forward.

Sure, you can make a lot of money. Leaving NoobMan's arguments that it's not really that much ISK aside (a case of living to your means, clearly) the alternative isn't really conducive to peak-level hoo-hah carrying on into the future. So, yes, some people, especially the Russians in C5-C6 Red Giants with bombers, are making scandalous ISK for ridiculously no risk.

Income levels are clearly high if peak WH people in the "WHCFC" are all running farm corps outside of Quaserknocks (which, really, means there isn't really anyone else doing it to all intensive porpoises) and, presumably, most are PLEXing their alt accounts and carrier sitter toons.

But there's nothing wrong with that, per se. For a start, if they weren't doing it, some station trading baron would be in order to provide liquid capital for his ISk scamming means. Or it would be some nullsec shitlord grinding his next Nyx sitter and Nyx. So what? People are jelly of this perception/reality. And lets be honest, NoobMan has multiple supers, including a Revenant with crazy purple shit all over it, so he's not doing badly despite his self-deprecating bullshit in that letter.

No. I agree - you need to keep roughly the same ISK income going forward. Maybe the ideas of keeping or making it less farmable by solo (hero) dreads, tethered caps and sitter alts will help make it a team activity, and spread the lucre around. That would be good, but it won't guarantee no farming and peasants tilling fields. It'll still happen, to support super toons, dank frags, or Russian dread blob evictions (or whatever replaces them going forward).

it should happen. If you want to max out your game, you need to be able to raise billions upon billions of ISK in ways that don't involve L4 missions or nullsec anoms. Escalations have been a way of doing this, and their removal (even if via Dreadnoughts getting High Angle Gayness) necessitates their replacement, otherwise C5s will be dead and wormholes will become a hopeless wasteland plagued by stories of the glorious past, when real men fought with big toys over meaningless shit, and threw away nearly 200B at a time.

You know. Like happened on Sunday, for no apparent reason.

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  1. I've unsubbed two accounts. While I doubt I'll ever quit - I don't have to mindlessly throw money at CCP while they listen to mostly fuckwads.



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