Sunday, 15 December 2013


I haven't updated in a week, simply because I have been both IRL and EVE busy.

In Real Life, i am moving house. Despite my basement troll nature, I have a wife, no kids, and have just purchased a house. Well, 34.6% of a house. It's a big and exciting thing, but it also is very disruptive of life in general. Not that it has really overly affected my ability to slack off and play EVE for hours a day.

I don't have a formal job at the moment, just a few things I am working on with various people, in the field of opal mining and so on. This has also allowed me to skive off and play lots of EVE.

In EVE, a temporary fetish with tractor units has taken over both myself and my corporation (or at least the other most-active members). Sure, we are softcore C5 folks (no blobfleets, no 30 man gank squads, just all-round risk-taking bad-assery) who live by the cloak and die by the sword, but we get to hisec and what do we do? D-scan for Tractor. This is how we see hisec:

Two days ago, we went out and ganked a Mackinaw. Just because. Because we almost seem to have a Nullsec static at the moment, with the amount of inbound N432's spawning into our C5. This gives us plenty of opportunities to go scalp a battleship rat every 15-20 minutes and claw back security status, which you really may as well burn.

So we burn a Mackinaw and note an Orca and two Covetors in the belt. The Orca deploys a tractor, as one does, to scalp the wrecks in the belt (including the Mack wreck, the cheeky bugger) so when our criminal timers expire, we ship into MWD cruisers and bump him off the tractor.

Then we aggro the tractor, and because the orca and Covetors are either retarded or just have drones out and set to aggressive, we pull aggro. This results in my first Orca kill in 3 months.

All hail Tractor.

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  1. Trolling with that tractor unit has been boatloads of fun.

    Also real useful when you want to use it yourself. Your obsession is well founded


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