Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Little Tractor That Could

I must say, i am rather fond of the new Tractor Unit.

Tractor provideth. Tractor Taketh Away.
Tractor is bountiful.
Tractor is wise.
Tractor is good.
Tractor is munificent.
All hail Tractor.

To be a good Tractor Daddy, you must shepherd and protect your tractor, lest it fall into the hands of the evil molesters who lurk, ready to pounce on its 50,000 EHP and fat, juicy belly.

Good Tractor Daddies scoop their Tractors. They do this wisely, and regularly, and may indeed dump out the meta-1 and meta-2 crap, lest they run out of room for Tractor.

Bad Tractor Daddies leave one Tractor per room, and abandon their Tractor like a lamb in long grass in the high meadow, where the wolf lieth in wait.

Don't abandon your Tractor! Keep it safe!

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