Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Last night I spent 5 hours shlepping about w-space in my Panther. I refit it slightly, to the fitting outlined in Dark Alpha - minus the faction pimp. I'm not quite that rich at the moment.

The first thing we did was try to interdict a logistic operation between a C5 and highsec which was going on inside a C3/D845 system. Being proficient C5 dwellers they saw our Flycatcher land on grid and no doubt the Panther too, so a Daredevil turned up to spoil the party. When he slowed down to zero, I decloaked, SeBo'd up, and shot him to within an inch of his life. Close but no cigar.

We then went to camp a carebear hole one of our scouts had found, where we were expecting Retrievers in the grav. I jumped in and slowboated 120km off the hole. We bedded down and I listened to some KMFDM and awaited logins.As I spammed d-scan I saw the three Itty V's but somehow it didn't register until they jumped to hisec. Drats!

We had their inbound K162 scanned down, scouted and sussed inside of 5 minutes. C2 with A239/D382, with Foo Technologies and Foo holdings in residence. The CEO even has a blog. We read the blog, learned about scanning. 

Being 5 jumps from Amarr, we knew they would be back. Fuel run was the likely mission. So we deployed a scout and followed them as they...autopiloted. having invested 1.5 hours in this already we persisted, and downtime came and went.

We relogged and SET HIM UP THE TARP. It would be, as it always is with haulers, overkill: Panther to alpha, Falcon to jam, cloaky neut legion, Arazu and Flycatcher sitting 80 off the hole to instabubble the moment they jumped in.

First action was an Imicus scouting from the K162 through to hisec. he double-tapped himself out in hisec which delayed proceedings, leaving his 3 Itty alts idling on a gate in hisec for 4 minutes. Passive targeted cargo scans revealed PI and even a POS tower.

The guy scouted the route back...and jumped into his home wormhole, leaving the target hole unscouted as he jumped his 3 Iterons into the hole....and squad warped them into the bubble.

We murdered them, pods and all. The Minni POS tower and some of the PI dropped.

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