Friday, 12 July 2013

Crickets Chirping

I join up with SEFEM's weekly Friday Roam through lowsec. Last week we went to Hagilur and I undocked my Nidhoggur and aggroed a gang of 14 on station. They were too busy frothing over at a carrier aggroed on undock that they didn't notice the 14 man armour BC gang pile into sytem and begin pushing their poop up their throats backwards.

This week it was nano Scythe Fleet theme. I suggested it as we have an evil arty Scythe Fleet fit, and promptly forgot to move mine to the staging system. Fortunately, I had a Raven, so I re-jiggered it for an MJD and baiting and took that as the bait for the nano gang.

I explained my backflip on the fleet doctrine as "well, I've had enough to drink that it's a good idea, it's nanoed (one rig = nano),no one will shoot you guys, and besides, you brought 2 ospreys I totally cannot die, ever. Plus I bought this years ago and never use it."

Thus I led the fleet through gates; Amamake, Siseide. We immediately went back to Hagilur, and Rancer, and everywhere. Not a single person went for the Raven. It's about the most shit PVP battleship, and they tend to die in a fire if you sneeze at them, but no. The closest we got was an AHAC/T3 pirate gang in Hagilur which showed interest until my fleet jumped in, then promptly wussed out.

I had to bail on the fleet after awoxing some GalMil Punisher who was awoxing another GalMil ship in Heydieles, nd popping a free-floating CalMil Exequror sitting at a disabled POS.Generally, there was simply nothing to shoot at this week, and nothing to be shot at by.

(not that I didn't lose a couple of Mauluses or wax an Oracle, but 4 kills and 3 losses in a week is pretty lame)

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