Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I always love a good name in EVE. BJ Titsandass, for example, is an hilarious pilot's name. Same with Fisty McBumbasher. The list inevitably goes on and on.

Hilarious corp names are also important. Sudden Buggery was as much an advertisement of purpose 9delivering high-quality supririse buttsex in wormholes) as it was just a good old amusing name.

In choosing the name of my new alt corp I had some difficulties  in topping both my own and other efforts.

I am a serial corp starter. My first ever corporation I started on my alt - Beggars Can Be Choosers - a ninja salvaging corp. This swiftly merged with Sudden Buggery as ninja salvaging and wormholing go hand in hand with the skilllsets needed (namely incessant probing, trolling and PVPing).

Next was Vogon Demolitions [F1AFK] - an afk POS bashing corp we used to farm towers in hisec for labs and faction guns for great profit. How much profit? Well, my share was around 3B ISK, about a third of it from one faction small which had 20-odd small true sansha pulse laser batteries and so on. F1AFK peaked at like, 6 members or so, and was full of scrubby alts barely able to make a Geddon capstablee. it was intensely useful for Sudden Buggery's trolling of POSs in w-space because i could literally drag in the alt, set him on a POS or POCO, and press F1 and go AFK. I lost only 2 Geddons that way. Eventually though, the wardec mechanisms changed and it became too stupid to dec offline towers in hisec owned by 1 toon - you'd be stuck in endless wars and unable to traverse hisec.

Then when BUGRY left w-space last year, no one wanted to buy the wormhole off us, or the POCOs, and so i ditched F1AFK, and started Ballsack Teabag Trading LLC [SAQUE] to warehouse the POCOs. Some bright sparks shot them andd ignored my overtures to transfer the POCOs to them if they wanted them, gratis. Way to waste 12 hours of your life, fuckheads. So, my F1AFK alt sold his Geddon and became a trader alt, and SAQUE made me about a billion ISK humping frequency crystals from Amarr to Dodixie.

Which brings me to MAMBLA. Or, since you can only get 5 character tickers, [MABLA] - the Minmatar-Amarr man-Boy love Association. Since Minmatar Gay Rights League was already taken, and is a classic of the genre, I rolled MAMBLA over in my mind for a few weeks and thought...well, why the fuck not? Its only offensive if you are easily offended, and plays into the whole "Amarrs are child molesting priests" kind of thing.

As far as it goes, I am intending to make sure EVE knows that it is quite OK for Amarr men to get to know Minmatar youth. Via killmails. Until i find something better to do with my time.

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