Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I have been battling with depression for at least a year now. This has affected my life and been affected by my life in a myriad of ways - from mood swings, to crushing despair, irrational behaviour, bad choices, introversion and bad physical health - weight gain, drinking too much, etc etc.

I am at a pretty low point right now. I know it isn't anyone's business, nor would I expect anyone to care, but I guess, you have to say something to someone when you're sitting slumped in front of your computer in the middle of the day, unable to muster the energy to get up and do anything.

It hasn't helped that we got robbed yesterday. So replacing your life one ID card at a time never helps.

So...I haven't been on EVE much. I haven't been updating Trinkets Friendly Advice Column, because I have nothing to say, and responding to petty children online is about as exciting to me as fucking myself in the earhole.

I've been here before. You have to wait this out. Nothing much seems to turn this round but time.


  1. Hit that wall for several years myself, my bad choices were drug related. In the end I had to hit a low enough point to get fed and do something about it. Sure it comes back to haunt me at times, but a big part for me was deciding I didn't want to be in that place again and finding the ways to keep myself from it. Best of luck.

  2. We may be enemies in EVE but I always think it's important to distinguish between real life and EVE life.

    Get better soon and maybe I'll see you in a novice plex in Floses when you feel up to it. Just don't bring your friends...


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