Friday, 22 June 2018

Touch Each Others Balls

The great (read: shit) thing about dread bombs is always that you are all at zero on each other's cynos.

See, eg; the recent counter-droppage in Estaunitte as recorded by Rist.

These sort of fights are always essentially a matter of attrittion; he who hath the most capitals wins. Very occasionally, say, in nullsec, you might see a group cyno in at range and utilise long range guns, but usually the long range work is done by carriers and supers.

This is what you get, basically, from the Siege module (and why, generally, you don't see too many people dropping Marauders in Bastion). The module is arguably holding back decent meta development in EVE and increasingly resulting in agglomeration of groups into ever-bigger coagulants so they can drop more dreads than the foe.

Sure, the emergency DCU has provided a small change, because who doesn't like cycling onto a secondary and waiting out the EDCU then finishing the dread off? It's not like it's going anywhere, stuck in siege as it is.

I dunno. Seems like CCP Fozzie could get his head around a new mechanic for Dreadnoughts.

Another interesting thing is the use of the Leshak in Rist's video. Or, perhaps, the misuse. For a ship that needs to spool up to full DPS over 45 seconds or more, swapping primary as quickly as they did there is kinda a bit pointless. Beyond of course, waving your shiny wang-ship about in space.

Also notable is the face the apoc fleet sat perfectly still for several minutes. I guess their foes didn't pack and anti-subcap dreads, so more fool them. Mayhaps one could suggest that, in future, since it's nice using caps and all but a bit of anti-support would go a long way.

But what do I know?

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