Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Federation Yawn Prix

I gave it a good hard shake but I've bowed out at 50 points. I just can't be fucked going through the hilariously (no, really) camped lowsec pipes to get podded 13 minutes in to the run, or waiting 15 minutes for the run to expire.

While the idea is good, this is literally the worst game design for an event, simply because you can't bow out, so you have to just sit about for a quarter of an hour or risk dying to AFK nerds on a gate in lowsec, so it's really the time wasting that gets to me.

That said, smartbombing 66 shuttles in Yrmori with my alt was pretty hilarious. The idea that someone will pay 50M ISK to activate one of 55 kill rights when 50 of them are free? Got to hand it to that guy for entrepreneurial spirit.

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