Friday, 29 January 2016

Somebody call Rolex...

It seems wormholes have become a boat-shoe wearer's paradise, what with the penchant for Yachting.

As much as I loved the idea of an interdiction nullified cloaky-flying instawarping gunless vanity boat when the Victorieux came out (hint: I didn't), when people figured out you could stuff a 100MN on the fucking thing and use it as a low-brow low-skill low-rent gay as fuck noob-accessible fucking Fagroller clone...well, let's just say that I was no longer willing to sponsor the yacht races using space-Rolexes and whatever the fuck gay-ass space barbies clothing shit.

What the actual.

So - who is expecting a nerf to these cancerous shitlord ass-barges? And who thinks this is all Working As (CCP Fozzie / CCP Larrikin / CCP Assmunch) Intended and will stay un-nerfed?


  1. I love my stabbed covert nullified proteus as much as the next bear (I use it for scanning nullsec systems).

    However, I also think there should be a counter to every ship. Is there a counter already? I know the stealth bomber often succeeds when the proteus fails. ( has some interesting Victoreux kills. Finding a hic kill in lowsec on this boat ... surprised me.

    Alternatively, have you considered a cloaky bastard style stakeout? It won't do 'them' much good to have a closed system if you are in there with them.

    1. There's a difference between a Fagroller (cloaky nullified stabbed Higgsed 100MN T3 +/- ECM burst) and a Yacht. it's about 3 months of solid training (stabs, ECM burst, etc).

      the stats for Yachts are showing my point - they've been in the game 12 months and only 1800 have been lost. The vast majority of them are lost to nullsec camps. The use of Yachts with 100MN's is about 2 months old, and now it's fairly common to see them as the go-to hole control option, meaning that even retards can have a 99.9% secure Fagroller option without having to spend more time training than it takes to get the rig, cloak and prop skills.

      I'm not concerned about cloaky bastard stakeouts - that kind of long game suits some, but not me. it also fails when your target reads your blog. The concern is entirely that Yachts are preventing interactions and crowding out the space for rolling ships because they are so accessible and easy to use (and incredibly cheap).

    2. At risk of making you even grumpier, you don't even need to train for rig skills.

      That said, I still encourage hunters to stop expecting one ship/fit to gank all. There *should* be setups (even solo) that the standard wh t3 can't gank. Some of these ships should be cheap.

      If you can refit or reship to something that can gank your target great. I have no problems if that makes a hunter vulnerable to other hunters.

      Now ... if you were to show that no solo ship could catch a rolling vectoreux ... then that needs a nerf. If your ship can't but others can ... then adapt.

      I don't do much hunting, putting it to one side when I caught the 'impossible to catch stab fit faction warfare farmer'. So I don't have a hunting fit. Knowing what I do about stealth bombers (from the victim's side), I suspect that if you find too many victoreux, try swapping to one for a while.

  2. Eve players have a history of doing shit CCP never expected. It's fair to say it's not working as intended, but I doubt it'll get nerfed.

  3. :-) erm... no... erm... why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about Luxury yachts?

  4. Almost got you with our bombs

  5. imho, I believe the problem is nullification in general, rather than the specific yacht. Except for T3 that should keep a full nullification as it sacrifices a subsystem and a low slot for it, I believe nullification for other non T3 ships should either work when warping in or warping out, but not both ways. My preference would go to allowing warping out of bubbles, but still be dragged by those and landing at its periphery when warping in.

    1. Ah, you are of course referring to the Nullsec Taxi, AKA the Interceptor. Yes, the addition of nullification to ceptors has basically destroyed the idea of nullsec gate camps and pipe camps and allowed the scrublord shitbgs living in deep fuckoffistan to just make a day trip 55 jumps to jita and back, no problems.

      It is a bit of a problem, I agree. I think your idea is good; let people leave bubbles but get caught on the way in.


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